As Autumn Leaves by Kate Sands

This has been a hard one for me to write. Not for any particular reason to do with the book, to be honest, but for COVID-19 reasons. I work in care. I work with disabled children and adults who have all the ‘underlying health conditions’ that are getting talked about as though that’s meant to […]

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‘Selia’ by Marolyn Krasner

One of my favourite books is Truismes, the story of a woman who turns into a pig – but, like, a sexy pig, so that’s OK. It’s weird and hilarious and scathingly political but is so hard to recommend to other people because you end up having to use the phrase “a sexy pig” or […]

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‘First Love’ by Ivan Turgenev

This edition of ‘First Love’ was published as part of Penguin’s ‘Great Loves’ boxset – a collection that I have no recollection of ever buying or being given. It’s not the sort of thing I would usually choose – being about a) romance, and b) a teenage boy with a crush on an older woman, […]

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